3D printed Stainless Steel

Alas the ring is not quite perfect. Despite the major composition being stainless steel, there is a little bronze in the ring. This has led to slight discoloration on my finger. I believe it comes about when I wash my hands and don’t remove the ring and thoroughly dry it and my finger. This is unfortunate, since I think that this is likely not normal behavior for most people. If I’m wrong, please let me know.

The implications that this has is that this process is not ready for prime time jewelry production. I personally will continue to wear the ring since I have no issues with the slight color, but customers as a whole are not so picky. I had been thinking about approaching a couple of retail outlets locally to sell small quantities, but this won’t fly. 

The other thought is perhaps it has something to do with my own body chemistry? My previous ring was stainless, but perhaps my vegan diet makes me more basic or acidic than a “normal” person and perhaps most people won’t have this happen. I will have to find more people who have experience with the 3D printed metal before I know, I guess.