3D Scanning

Ugh, what a difficult day. I spent a good part of it creating a set up for 3D scanning and feel like I got no where. But, lessons were learned.

I was working on getting the free software from DAVID to work to do basic scans. If it worked out, I was ready to start saving the $ (well, technically euros) to get the professional version of their software.  Just think, less than $600 to have something that puportedly works as well as the $3000 scanners out there. I am not saying that I won’t start saving, but I am not as inspired as I was hoping to be.

I believe my problem all came down to hardware limitations. I do NOT blame the software. First off, my laser was questionable from the get go. You need a “line laser.” I was using the Straight-line laser level that I stole (er, borrowed) from my neighbors this morning when dog-sitting. I don’ t think it is bright enough.

The second hardware issue was that I was using the webcam in my Macbook Pro. Now the camera itself is fine from a spec standpoint, but it is pointed at the user, which means that I had to set up the stage on top of my keyboard. It didn’t necessarily keep anything from working, but is sure did make it so that I ran out of patience sooner than I probably would have.

The software itself is Windows only, so I was running the Mac in Bootcamp with XP. The software ran just fine and it was relatively easy to figure out, though, admittedly, I did have to READ THE MANUAL. Terrible, I know.

So I am about to put an request for a free webcam out on Freecycle. I figure that is one of those items that people don’t use but feel like they shouldn’t throw away.

If I can come up with that, I have seen a pretty good line laser made out of a regular laser and a glass or acrylic cylinder.  I will work on constructing one. Of course, I will post results.

If I can get a rudimentary setup working, I will take a more serious look at the starter kit that they sell at the DAVID site. From the 3rd party reviews that I have read, it sounds like it is pretty good software.