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Plastic Mold Company

GC Plastics mold company began in 1976 with Injection Precision Controls (IPc) Corp. The company sold specialty control systems to Autojectors, PH Trueblood and Newbury Industries. Many machines manufactured by Newbury for the Standard Products Company were specified with an IPc process control.

GC Plastics was founded in 1994 by Forest A. Rose, Jr., Forest A. Rose, III, and Paul A. Rose. The company specializes in insert molding and has focused on the electrical, electronic and medical industries. Its expertise is in the design and manufacture of machinery, tooling, processing, and accessories for the injection molding process.

Forest Rose, Jr. was Chief Engineer at Newbury Industries from 1966 to 1986. He and the engineering staff developed many successful machine designs which were responsible for securing Newbury’s creditable reputation. Later, as Director of R&D, Forest Rose, Jr. conducted research on the hydraulic system and other areas. This included proportional and cartridge valving, accumulators, servo valves, conventional hydraulic valves, research of screw design, and material selection for processing advanced engineering polymers.

Forest Rose, Jr. established Injection Precision Controls in 1976. The company concentrated on modular control systems that could anticipate, then react appropriately to the molding process in order to produce consistent, uniform parts. His sons, Forest A. Rose, III, and Paul A. Rose, both graduates of John Carroll University in Cleveland, Ohio, have advanced the concept of control manufacturer for OEM’s to injection molding machine manufacturer.

15,000 sq feet in an industrial area of Cleveland near the Shaker Heights/Cleveland boundary on “old” US Route 422. Easily accessible from I-271, Chagrin Blvd. exit.


Manufacturer of Injection Molding Machines and Specialty Plastic Molds, go to our home page to know more info

DUNS No. 11-158-9701

Date of Incorporation: January 14, 1994

Date of Incorporation: June 18, 1976

President – Forest A. Rose, III
Secretary/Treasurer – Donna M. Rose